Over the last 15 years as a 3x founder and CEO, I raised over $20m from leading venture capitalists, built and lead a team of nearly 100 world-class employees and acquired or partnered with nearly a dozen companies.

It took all that to teach me that I wanted more than just success.

Welcome to my Second Mountain Startup newsletter, where every week we discuss the art of purpose-driven business building and transcendent leadership. Here you’ll learn how to build the company of your dreams and make an impact on the world, while being fully present to the one weird, amazing life you were meant to live.

In Second Mountain Startup I dive deep into the art of startup leadership, from the outside (fundraising, recruiting, product, sales), and the inside (ego, presence, meaning, integrity). Every week you’ll get the best, most in-depth content from the perspective of an experienced startup founder/CEO-turned executive coach.

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