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Hi, I’m Ryan.

I founded and rapidly scaled VNN Sports to become the largest high school sports communication platform in the country.  I raised over $20m from leading venture capitalists, built and lead a team of nearly 100 world-class employees and acquired or partnered with nearly a dozen companies.

It took all that for me to learn that “making it” would never satisfy. I needed to do my real work.

“Work is love made visible” — Khalil Gibran

I have since submerged myself in the budding discipline of transcendent leadership.  I am committed to helping leaders find the story they were meant to tell, and in telling it lead their teams to do the best work of their lives.

Welcome to my online home.

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“I hold that transcendent leadership supersedes average managerial prescriptions because it is not only a way to do leadership or a way to know how to lead, but it is a way to be a leader who inspires followers to find what is most precious in their lives and commit to manifesting it.” — Fred Kofman

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“The mind creates our behavior. Our behavior shapes the people we lead. And our people create our culture, determining our organization’s performance.” — The Mind of the Leader, Harvard Business Press 2018
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