Meditation is the single most important reason for my success.

Ray Dalio, Hedge fund billionaire and author of the amazing book Principles.

There would be no Salesforce without meditation.

Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce

I don’t do shit ’till I meditate.

Russell Simmons, Co-Founder of Def-Jam and author of Success through Stillness

Join our meditation community for everyday leaders

Meditation is more useful for leaders than business school. It is the direct path to developing concentration, equanimity and insight, three characteristics which the best leaders move mountains to cultivate.

But we’re doing it wrong. Meditation has always been a team sport.

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We’re a group of business and non-profit leaders from around the country, and we meet for group meditations over Zoom multiple times each week (you can attend as much or as little as you like).

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