Please allow me to make a formal request of you, dear reader:

I hereby invite you to take a mini-sabbatical from your hectic life. Look out the window, take a couple deep breaths, and really allow yourself some space.

Then, enjoy my five favorite things I explored this week:

  1. Business leadership is changing, and the Beyond Budgeting folks have summarized some of the core tenets of the new leadership. This is a great crash course if you want to catch up to where leadership is going.
  2. You may know that I’ve become a bit of a “hugger.” Turns out the entire city of LA is full of huggers (maybe for different reasons), which I hope is indicative of a trend. Any hug is a good hug IMO.
  3. Psychedelic therapy is coming back in a big way, and will be at a therapist’s office near you in the next couple years. This is a LONG but awesome article about the budding industry, which I loved except for the sexism against male therapists. In my experience men can be just as gentle and caring as women in this environment.
  4. I’ve heard from multiple sources that the TV show The Good Place is one of the single most profound television experiences available. Underneath the forking shirts are spiritual gems like this one, about what happens when you die.
  5. This story is worth reading to the end. Especially if you need a reminder of the foundational goodness of human beings.

Let me know what you think in the comments, or if you stumble upon something excellent I should be aware of as well.

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John Rumery
1 year ago

I like these suggestions Ryan. Look forward to future recommendations. Here is a short video that I shared on LinkedIn. It’s simple message appealed to me. Cheers!

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